Cross in my Pocket

The pocket cross is made of aluminum and carries the words "Jesus Christ Is Lord." A perfect companion is the "Cross In My Pocket" poem card which is printed in purple ink on the front and back of a white card, approximately the size of a credit card. Many carry the cross in their pocket, wallet, or purse as a constant personal reminder of God's love.

As a form of encouragement, offer a pocket cross to:

  • others as a form of personal witness

  • hospital patients
  • children at the end of a children's sermon
  • graduates
  • new church and confirmation class members
  • new parents
  • Sunday school students
  • church officers at the beginning of a new term
  • children during family devotional time
  • church visitors
Find new creative and imaginative ways to encourage others with Cross in my Pocket.


1 - 99         $.50 ea
100 - 249     $.40 ea
250 - 499     $.30 ea
500+          $.25 ea

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poem cards

$.10 ea

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